Tuesday, October 24, 2006

That's a new one

Last night I dreamt I was tired and needed to go to bed.


post-doc said...

I dreamed about switching over to the beta template in blogger. I've tried a couple times, but end up crawling away in defeat. I couldn't even make it work in my dream.

I think I'm worse than you are.

Publius said...

Wow, I'm having that same dream right now!

StyleyGeek said...

I kind of wish I hadn't, post-doc. Having to log in and out of multiple gmail accounts all the time is driving me nuts.

Publius, I think you'll find that's called real life :)

Vincenzo said...

Wait a minute- I think I'm dreaming that I am awake and you are dreaming that you're asleep.

I don't know whether to wake up, go to sleep, or just grab the Nyquil and hope it all goes away.

StyleyGeek said...

I find hiding under the bed works well in these situations, Vincenzo.