Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foiled by fate

It must have been fate, right? Fate's fault that the hour I planned to spend going to the gym just got spent on... not going to the gym.

The problem is that I have hardly worked out at all the last three weeks, and I was starting to regret it. So I resolved to turn over a new leaf and on Saturday the leafiness began. New resolutions. New exercises. And it happened. I went on Saturday, went on Sunday, took Monday off, and was ready and keen to go today. I even planned my day around it in terms of when and what I ate and when I worked.

Come two o'clock I was so ready to gym. Called Geekman, but he needed an extra half hour or so. Would call me when he had finished "wrestling with his integral". So I frittered for half an hour, because there was no point working when he might call at any minute, right?

Finally he rang and I set off across campus, arrived at the gym, and changed. Except for...

My gym shoes. Left at home. They were it.

So I wore my ordinary shoes. Figured it wouldn't matter anyway, since I was only doing arm and chest exercises today.

I went inside and as usual, the bench presses were all occupied. I hovered patiently nearby while the guys using one of them simultaneously tried to finish their sets and stare at my chest, and finally I got my turn (to use the bench press, not to stare at anyone's tits).

Just as I'm loading up the weights, the gym manager comes up to me and tells me I have to leave. The gym isn't insured for people wearing "no shoes". I have shoes! I tell him, and wave my feet indignantly (one at a time so I don't fall over). But they are open-toed and therefore don't count.*

So I left. And got changed again. And cycled back across campus again. And now it is more than an hour since I first stopped working to go to the gym and I've lost the hour but haven't got the exercise benefits or nice endorphiny relaxing feeling to show for it. (Although my heart rate increased: does that count?)

And worse: I'm back to my skipping-two-days-in-a-row slacker routine.

And even more worser: I now have to go to the gym tomorrow.


* This is such a load of something big and steaming. You can only see a teensy weensy bit of my toes! Really! And the shoes are flat and leather and just as protective of my feet having a giant weight dropped on them as any cloth running shoe you could wear. And Geekman wore jandals** to the gym EVERY DAY last summer and nobody even seemed to notice, let alone ask him to leave.

** "Thongs" to any Australians among you; "flip flops"(?) to Foreigners of other extraction.


betty said...

Oh I totally got thrown out of the gym for the exact same reason - wearing flip flops. Your shoes seem even more close toed than flip-flops so you probably feel more indignant than I did - but still I used the same argument as you. I asked the manager how closed toed shoes would protect toes better than what I had on if I dropped 40 lbs on them and he got very angry. But it's a legitimate question, right?

StyleyGeek said...

I think so. Plus I'm sure the manager wouldn't have even looked at my feet if I had been a hulking smelly, badly dressed boy.