Saturday, July 14, 2007

I win! I win!

Dr. Brazen Hussy thinks I'm awesome and funny. Which makes me feel a little guilty, because there hasn't been so much of the funny around here lately. I'm working on it. (But without amusing student anecdotes, I'm afraid, since I've just checked my enrolments list for the courses that start on Monday, and hello, regular blog reader! Nice to have you in my class!*)

Anyway, I had a point. What was it? Has anyone seen my point? I have the flu. No, wait, that was the point of the last post.

I am awesome. Yes. There's that train of thought. I am awesome and I won an award! Look, here it is:

It's even pink. And here are the sweet words that the Hussy said about me:

StyleyGeek - I freakin' love this girl and her blog. She is awesome. She is way funnier than I could ever hope to be, and she takes fantastic pictures and gives them even better captions.

I wonder if I can stick that somewhere on my sidebar as a celebrity endorsement? Dr BH is practically a celebrity. Or at least she should be. And not just because she thinks I'm cool, either. Damn, I've misplaced that train of thought again.

So now I get to nominate five other rocking girl bloggers. I don't know what the rules are about tagging someone who's been tagged already, but the speed this meme is working its way through the people I read, I think I'm only going to exclude people who were tagged in the line of the meme-tree that led to me. Otherwise we end up in this eternally branching universe where I spend the next ten years tracing who has been tagged and who hasn't, by which time the entire blogiverse has been tagged already.

It's still hard to restrict myself to only choosing five, though. Here goes.

Anastasia. Her posts actually have real topics. Like, thoughts and stuff. Way beyond the level of the amusing mind-fluff that most of mine aspire to. I totally admire the way Anastasia thinks, and the fact that she isn't scared to get out there and engage with reality, and with her commentators. Plus, she totally rocks as a grad student and isn't ashamed to admit it. That takes real strength of character (both the being and the admitting).

Badaunt. And not just because I want to promote my fellow countrypeople. Present Simple is the funniest blog out there. Almost every post makes me laugh out loud. When this blog posts, I happied every week! She is also the source of the best t-shirt idea of all time.

. Her blog is full of the sort of posts that I wish I could write. Insightful and honest. Her voice comes across as so real that it's impossible not to be drawn right in and want to be her friend. She also has awesome graphs. And if you think that's a lame thing to admire, then you have no idea how awesome they actually are. Finally, she's the one blogger I've met in person,** and guess what? She's just as awesome in reality.

Shrinkykitten. The universe keeps piling poo on her head (I've only linked to the most recent thing, but man, that woman has had a hard year), and yet she continues to be smart, interesting, and caring in spite of it all. That woman has spirit. (And talent.) Plus she has awesome taste in, well, everything, but also in comedy. And fashion.

Wolfangel. Her snark is my favouritest type of snark. Her writing style makes me smile even when it's about something sad. I am also envious of some of the post titles and category labels she comes up with. And she's good to kitties, beyond all call of duty. And she has the best recipes ever. Especially the bread.

You guys ROCK. (And so do the rest of you.)


* Actually, it is nice to have you in my class, since you are a great student and all, but I'm sure you understand that this has just lowered the chances of me blogging about anything teaching-related to just under 0%.

That is, apart from a certain person alluded to above, who I didn't know was a blogger when I used to teach him.


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

See what I mean? Awesome and funny. And I am at least pretending to be a celebrity for the day, so thank you!

Badaunt said...

She's right, of course. Awesome and funny.

But now you've made me go all self-conscious and squirmy. (NICE squirmy, I mean, not creepy-squirmy.) But it's really the students who are funny, not me, and if I remember that my ego might stay only halfway inflated. (Although I have to admit I'm still rather fond of the t-shirt idea, which was ALL MINE.)

Am I supposed to award five more girl bloggers as well? Or do I just sit around preening and patting myself on the back, and squirming?

StyleyGeek said...

I just assumed every nominee was meant to nominate another five people like some sort of friendly pyramid scheme. But if you'd rather, you can just preen.

And even if it's your students providing teh funny, you are the one who notices it and writes about it. I think a lot of teachers don't even see the funny anymore: only the angry. (They have no problem angrying.)

Lucy said...

Thanks! :) I was going to give you an award, too, except Dr BH got in before me (same with Shrinky). You are awesome and funny.

EA said...

Congratulations!! And, hope you are feeling much better...

Teknight said...

I think you spent far too much time deciding who to nominate, Styley.

Why? Because you've put them in alphabetic order.

StyleyGeek said...

I didn't want anyone to think that they were in the order of best to worst, or anything like that. I'm deeply into being paranoid that people might feel bad.