Monday, July 09, 2007

Good things

  • Flappy and Flappy came back! And I know they are the original Flappys, because as soon as I saw them on the balcony and went out there, they came charging over at full speed* to see what I had in my hand. And they ate without all the bitey bitey. I guess they must have just been on holiday for the past month.
  • Red wine.
  • Stationery.
  • I'm going skiing (or, more likely, falling-on-my-arse-ing)! Woot!

* If you have never seen a cockatoo charging, you don't know what you are missing. It's a hilarious mix of hop-hop-hop and scuttle scuttle slide, with a bit of flap-hop-flap thrown in.


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...


phishez_rule said...

Ahh. Any bird charging is fun to watch, but cockatoos make it so much better because they're so big and being white you'd expect them to be kinda graceful.

Bardiac said...

Then there's the whole pigeon toed walk thing, and having to put their heads down to pick up speed!

I'm glad your birds are back and remembered their manners!

Miss M. said...

At some point I'm just going to have to find a camera and send you photos of the cockatoos that hold court outside my parents house - there's about 50-60 of them, and they're very loud, and fly around like they're pretending to be a school of fish doing airbourne gymnastics and annoying the crows. This can be your reward for finishing your thesis! If I ever find the camera...

Jana said...

Do they have cockatoos as far south as Melbourne? I sure hope so. That's half the point of moving there ;-)