Monday, March 12, 2007

Cockatoo play-date on my balcony

Sometimes it's fun to invite your friends over for a party.

It's especially fun to pretend you're about to crash through someone's French doors.

It's even more fun to slide down their guttering, squawking madly.

Until you see something better happening somewhere nearby...

And you have to hurry off to make sure you aren't missing out.


Badaunt said...

In the fifth picture that cockatoo in front has a 'Look what I found!' look on her? his? face. Great shots! I wish we had such interesting birds around our house.

StyleyGeek said...

It does look a bit smug :) I have no idea how to tell cockatoo sexes apart. But one of those two was much bigger than the other, so maybe it was the male.