Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random snippets of Geekman: the talking to invisible cameras edition

Me: "... and so it turns out that she—hey! Where'd you go?"

Geekman has crossed the road without me noticing.

Geekman (in an aside to a passing tree): "You too can master simple changes of direction and lose your wife."


Geekman: "Are you ready to watch the DVD?"

Me: "One minute. I just have to email these files to myself." (My low-budget back-up system).

Geekman (explaining patiently to the computer): "She's emailing herself because she has no friends."


RageyOne said...

LOL! Funny Geekman. :>)

Badaunt said...

Did he duck? When The Man says things like that, he ducks.

(I can't IMAGINE why.)

StyleyGeek said...

Obviously you've trained him well, Badaunt :) Geekman tends to make sure he says these things from a safe distance.

JustMe said...

very funny!

and that's my backup system too...