Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Will you do me a favour?

Okay, so in about a week's time, I want you to say to me, "Styley, remember last Wednesday? Remember that feeling of complete unburdenedness—nay! anti-burdenedness—that you experienced after handing in the really-truly-final-and-this-time-I-mean-it version of chapter five?"

And then, after you pause for me to gaze dreamily into the distance, you will add, "Remember the way you were able to spend a whole day doing nothing but leisurely filling out of Immigration paperwork?"

And my eyes will narrow slightly. But you will quickly continue, "And surely you haven't forgotten the sweet (though not sugary) taste of the steak and mushrooms you rewarded yourself with afterwards?"

I will nod, and smile, and go to my happy place. And you will conclude this little speech thusly: "So keeping in mind the wonderful experience of peace and harmony that only hard work can bring, I would like to suggest that NOW would be a FREAKING EXCELLENT TIME TO FINISH ANOTHER CHAPTER."