Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another immigration battle fought and won

I had my medical tests for Geekman's residency application today. (Yes, they need proof that I am healthy so that he can stay in Australia. Awesome logic.)

They took pretty much the whole day, but I was just glad they were able to fit me in so quickly. Geekman had to schedule his about six weeks in advance, whereas I only make the appointment last Thursday. The actual tests weren't so arduous, either.

First they took all my blood away.

Then they irradiated my chest.

Then the doctor made me perform a series of movements that looked like something from the Ministry of Silly Walks, including pretending I was a duck. (He said it is the easiest way to check someone's joints all work fine. I think he was just having a laugh at my expense.) Unfortunately I didn't get photographic evidence of this.

There were plenty of other tests, but apart from the one where I peed on my hand by mistake (urine samples must be so much easier for men), they probably aren't worth mentioning. In fact, that one probably wasn't worth mentioning either, so let's pretend I didn't.

In round two of the Immigration Department versus StyleyGeek, the winner is... ME!


liina said...

They really butchered your arm :| And I would have really liked to see photographic evidence of the duck walk - they never made me do such a thing - must be something special they reserve for kiwis :)

StyleyGeek said...

Speaking of special treatment for kiwis, I cannot tell you how many times various staff at the medical place today said to me, "But you're a New Zealander! You don't have to do this!"

If only Immigration laws worked on the basis of majority opinion!

Lucy said...

That arm does look painful! Congratulations on winning this round :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot stop laughing imagining you walking like a duck.