Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An excellent day for parrots

I saw gang gangs today for the first time since November. After I took the first photo, they even all crowded around to see what I was doing and to pose for the camera (and wow, they are bigger up close than I had thought: according to Google, around 40 cm/16 inches high, and a wingspan of around 75 cm/30 inches).

Unfortunately after taking the picture above I adjusted my camera to try and compensate for the oncoming twilight, which automatically reset the zoom without me noticing. So the rest of the pictures I got (including some of some lovely king parrots, which I haven't seen around at all over summer until today) came out badly.

But I did get this one of a cockatoo in flight, which makes up a little for the rest.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Every time you post these photos, I feel so jealous :)
I wish I were able to see cockatoos somewhere other than a pet store.

I used to live in an area with a band of wild parrots -- I think they were amazons, plus two macaws who joined them. It was wonderful to see them in flight over the neighborhood.

StyleyGeek said...

Now I'm jealous. Amazons and macaws in the wild, wow! It's funny how you get a little jaded to the most common birds around you. When I first came to Oz, I'd often spend an hour watching a flock of cockatoos grazing or staring up at a tree with a rosella in it. Now I get most excited by the gang gangs and the kings, because I only see them once every few months. I still enjoy seeing the rosellas and cockatoos, but since I see them multiple times a day, they don't leave me lost in admiring wonder quite so often.

Caspar Peucer said...

Hmm... I always wonder: would you say that the pictures came out 'badly'? or just... 'bad'? I suppose this is the kind of existential question only an English teacher from a non-English-speaking country has, once in a while.