Friday, March 30, 2007

I think I'm doing it wrong

So now I've seen the Battlestar Galactica mini-series and five or six episodes from season one. Yet I still find myself rooting for the Cylons.

They are just so much cooler and more interesting than the human characters. They deserve to rule the galaxy.

I suspect this means I am missing the point.


grace said...

A pity they spent lots on the slick production, and kept the script true to the tacky original.

Anonymous said...

because coolness is the most important thing when you're talking about who is going to rule a galaxy...

sheepish said...

I wouldn't say you're missing the point at all. Part of the point is to make the "good guys" ambiguous. It's not obvious at all for whom you should be rooting, and the humans do some pretty shitty things throughout the series.

Gotta pretty strenuously disagree with the "tacky" label for the new version's script.

wolfa said...

Did you vote for the vampires on Buffy, too?

(Note: I haven't watched but the miniseries and one episode.)

StyleyGeek said...

I liked Spike a lot. But otherwise, no, the vampires were generally pretty icky. Buffy was generally pretty icky too, but Willow rocked. And I wouldn't have wanted her to get bitten. (Although that time with the vampire Willow... she was pretty awesome too.)

Sheepish, I don't mind ambiguous, but I don't find the good guys ambiguous so much as uninteresting. I'm hoping they get a bit more complex and likeable as the series goes on.

Jana said...

Cylon: The Cylon empire must grow, and organise the universe.

Starbuck: What are you going to do with the universe when you've got it organised?

(long pause)

Cylon: I don't recall anyone ever asking that question before.

(This from the original series.)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I agree with sheepish that you haven't at all missed the point. Cylons are awesome, and my favourite human is Gaius Baltar.

Humans get more interesting down the line. But I might be biased, because I crazy-love Laura Roslin.

(And I also really really disagree about the script being true to the original. Dude. The original is painful.)

Breena Ronan said...

I forget where you are in the story, but it just gets more and more ambiguous. I think that is what make the new series so much more interesting than the old one.