Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I prefer to learn from other people's mistakes

I just started a new blog! Never fear, it's not replacing this one. It's just that I realised how much I love reading about the stupid fun new stuff you crazy internet people are always experimenting with. Like Steve Pavlina and his polyphasic sleep, that guy who decided to try living in a ditch for six weeks, Kyle and his One Red Paperclip...

My supervisor once told me: "If nobody's done it before... there's probably a bloody good reason why not." She was talking about my thesis topic, but the same applies to weird-ass lifehacks of the sort I've become a fan of reading about. The beauty of the internet, though, is that if nobody has done it before, you can pretty much guarantee that someone will not only try it, but post photographic evidence of their hilarious failure (or success, but that isn't quite so funny).

So I've decided to start cataloging this sort of thing on a new site. The template is just a place holder, but I have a few days' worth of posts up there already. So head on over there and let me pretend I have some traffic.


Badaunt said...

You might find this an useful resource... (if you haven't found it already)

Badaunt said...

My god, look what I found when I followed the link to the mini-AIR newsletter from that last link. A cure for hiccups!

(But I don't think it's a cure I'd care to try.)