Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Your friendly morning Parrot


Mamabeek said...

Purty burdy! What is it? Is it a King Parrot of some variety?

I am a bird slave and have two Australian friends with lovely yellow crests and orange cheeks and one African friend who just bit a hole in my ear today but I love him to bits anyway.

Delighted to find a scholar and bird lover in the same person. Thank you for the fun read and view and for more fun reading and viewing as I get through your posts!

Well met.


StyleyGeek said...

Welcome, Mamabeek!

It's an Eastern rosella. Sitting in the tree just outside my office window.

Most of my photos lately have been of crimson rosellas and cockatoos, because they aren't so easily startled, so I can get up close for pics. The Eastern ones tend to fly off as soon as they notice you.

Hope your ear mends quickly!