Monday, March 20, 2006

Best sandwich ever

Cream cheese, smoked chicken, and cranberry jelly.

What's your favourite sandwich? (Yes, I am getting desperate for ideas for my increasingly monotonous lunches).


Lucy said...

Mozzarella, tomato and basil (toasted) is my favourite, I think. I also like apple, cashew butter and honey (toasted) or sultanas or vegemite and chips, but people look at me funny when I eat them.
I need some more sandwich ideas, too. I've even been reduced to trying fake-meat slices in an attempt to expand my repertoire of vegetarian sandwiches, but that wasn't a good idea.

Lucy said...

Actually, the mozzarella one only needs to be toasted if you're trying to make up for the bread not being great.

StyleyGeek said...

The apple, cashew butter and honey one sounds fantastic. I'll have to give that a try as soon as I can get hold of some cashew butter.

It sounds in the same league as my latest breakfast favourite, which is mashed banana, cinnamon and honey on toast.

Vegemite and chips is also a sandwich I approve of. I used to have that for lunch at primary school, but haven't had one in years. Not sure about the sultanas, though. Is that meant to be understood as "sultanas and chips"? Or does the "or sultanas" belong to the "and honey" from the sandwich before?

shrinkykitten said...

sandwich 1.
hummus, sprouts, thinly sliced cukes, feta crumbled, and red bell peppers.

sandwich 2.
tofu bologna (yves is best), with sprouts and vegan mayonnaise

sandwich 3.
i second the fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich, but for me that's not a "take it with you" kinda sandwich.

sandwich 4.
tempeh (sliced and grilled), shredded carrots, sprouts, and some kind of nice miso ginger dressing.

sandwich 5.
tofu salad (instead of egg salad) with sprouts (apparently I love sprouts).

sandwich 6.
peanut butter and jelly on flour tortillas (though it puts me into a carb/sugar coma)

sandwich 7.
mix of thinly sliced veggies (carrots, red bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.) with some cheese and then nuked or toasted a bit to make it melty (good on bread or in a tortilla)

I love a good falafel sandwich too!

What are sultanas?

StyleyGeek said...

Thanks, Shrinky! That's a different sandwich every day for a week! I worship at the foot of your creativity. Although I'm not sure what bologna is at the best of times, and extra not sure if it's made of tofu. Is it some sort of sausage?

Sultanas are like raisins except, um, more sultana-y. Yellower than raisins.

I agree about the tomato and mozzarella that it isn't a very portable sandwich, alas. I have soggy sandwich neuroses that mean I can only handle tomato sandwiches for lunch if I take the tomato in a separate container and put it in the sandwich just before I eat it. Which gets wearying on a regular basis.

Lucy said...

Actually sultanas are just called raisins in US-ian. Real raisins are far nicer (bigger and sweeter), but sadly unavailable here.
The sultanas weren't to go with anything; they're good on their own (but they need a bit of butter to stick them to the bread). They're also good with banana and honey.
I think I'm going to have to steal some of Shrinky's sandwich ideas, too - thanks!
I generally bring all my sandwich ingredients to the lab and make sandwiches there because I run out of time in the morning, and it prevents sogginess, but it is a pain if you don't have a fridge to store everything in.

angrygrad said...

1. Grilled tempeh, vegenaise, cheese, saurkraut over rye (I had this at Whole Foods recently)

2. Curried potatoes, dill,yogurt, thinly sliced red onions in a baguette.

3. Chickpeas, spinach, shredded cheese in a pita.

shrinkykitten said...

I dunno what is in real bologna either. I was never into it when I was a kid (became veggie at 11), so I was surprised that I LOOOOOVE tofu bologna so much.

speaking of baguettes -- if you want to go french, you could also just have a baguette with chocolate in it! :)

should you ever want a sandwich at home, may I suggest:
1. grilled cheese ("american") with grape jelly on top (spread it on after it is grilled)
2. the haute cuisine version of that: very nice bread (like a big baguette -- what are those called?) with brie and some good orange marmalade smeared on the inside of the bread, and then grilled. Very yummy.

StyleyGeek said...
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StyleyGeek said...

Angrygrad, I love the sound of (2) and (3) on your list. The first one sounds pretty good, too, but I'd be worried the sauerkraut would make the bread all soggy by lunchtime. I think I might have to try Lucy's strategy of keeping sandwich stuff in our dept fridge and making sandwiches at lunchtime.

Shrinky, I am extremely disturbed by the mere thought of cheese and jam together (although I know people who eat that combination on crackers). Nevertheless, if you promise me it isn't as bad as it sounds, I will let my curiosity overcome my instincts and give it a try.

(That last (deleted) comment was mine, but replaced by this one which has fewer typos).