Thursday, March 09, 2006


A student came up to me after my final class today and, red-faced, stammered quietly, "Um... uh... there's something I should... um... probably, like, kind of tell you about."

All sorts of scenarios began to play through my mind. Was she about to admit to cheating on the assignment? Had she made some sort of complaint about me? Was she about to out herself as my secret stalker?

"It's like, um... well..." and then she finally got to the point: "You've got a hole in your bottom."

I have to admit that my first thought was, doesn't everyone?

Unfortunately, her meaning quickly became clear. I did indeed have a very large rip in the back of my trousers, and my left arse cheek was happily enjoying the light of day. Checking with my office mate later, she verified that it had been like that all day (but she hadn't thought it worth mentioning).

Which makes me wish today's classes hadn't involved quite so much writing on the blackboard.


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USJogger said...

I gave half a Stats lecture with my fly down a couple of weeks ago. Someone mentioned it when we broke up for group work. So, you're at least not alone.