Thursday, March 30, 2006

A student shows a fundamental misunderstanding...

...of the amount of work that goes into marking.

My classes handed in their second major assignment on Tuesday (deadline = 5pm). Most students handed in between 8 and 10 pages of densely-argued work. I have 67 of these to mark, and the less troublesome ones seem to be taking me between 15 and 30 minutes each.

At my first class this morning (11 o'clock, so less than 48 hours after they submitted these assignments), the first student to arrive bounces up to me all bright-eyed and excited and asks, "Do we get our assignments back today?"
I laugh scornfully, then try and turn it into a cough, because students don't like to be scorned. (Look! -- I know the fundamentals of how to be a good teacher). "No, you won't get them back until next week," I reply.

"But we handed them in days ago!"

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