Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday poetry blogging

I feel slightly ashamed of admitting to liking work by a person who has committed such crimes against poetry as The Magpies, which is kind of the literary equivalent of pop "songs" like that one by ATC that came out a few years ago: My heart beats like a drum (dum dum dum).

But I've always liked Dennis Glover's "Sings Harry" cycle, so I'm going to post a poem from it anyway. Let's just pretend it was written by someone else, okay?

Once the days

Once the days were clear
Like mountains in water,
The mountains were always there
And the mountain water;

And I was a fool leaving
Good land to moulder,
Leaving the fences sagging
And the old man older
To follow my wild thoughts
Away over the hill,
Where there is only the world
And the world's ill,
Sings Harry

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