Sunday, May 06, 2007

I don't need your stinking logic

Me: "Flappy. That's a good name for a cockatoo. Flappy the Bush Cockatoo."

Geekman: "You're naming the cockatoo?"

Me: "Uh huh. Maybe I'll even teach it to come when I call it."

Geekman: "Which one are you naming?"

Me: "The one from yesterday. The one that wouldn't eat my apple."

Geekman: "How can you tell them apart?"

Me: "I can't. But it doesn't matter. They can all be called Flappy."

Geekman: "But then won't they get each other confused?"

Me: "Well, they don't exactly call each other by name, do they?"

Geekman: "I mean, how will they know which one should come when you call them?"

Me: "They can all come. It will be AWESOME."


shrinkykitten said...

There is no place for logic when it comes to attachment to feathery, furry, or fluffy critters.

This will be our first rule on our crazy bird/cat lady bloggers retirement home.

Jana said...

Geekman still rocks, you know.

Bardiac said...

This means that one of them came and ate fruit with you?


And I think you'll be able to tell them apart before long. Look for beak differences, eye color and patch stuff, and quirky behavior.

If you'll let a crazy dog/bird person in, can I come to the retirement home?

Bardiac said...

Oops, or didn't eat fruit with you... but came to visit as usual?

(reading comprehension score: 0)

StyleyGeek said...

Bardiac, our crazy cat/bird lady blogger retirement home will carefully screen all applications. But I suspect you would pass.

I can tell most of the rosellas apart. They have slightly different patternings, and vary quite a lot in size. But the cockatoos really do all look the same to me. I'll do my best, though, just for you :)