Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Mum (to the tune of My Guy/My Girl)

(Cross-posted in the comments at Phantom Scribbler's Wednesday Whining)

Nothing you could say
Could keep me sane
Around my mum (my mum)
Nothing you could do
Because I'm stuck here like glue
With my mum (my mum)

If there's two chocolates left, who would take them both?
It's my mum (my mum)
If there's noise in the street, who's certain it's a thief?
It's my mum (my mum)

Today I stuck 27 stamps to letters
Washed dishes, watered plants,
And tried not to hit her
She blames my cooking when she farts
But I haven't torn her apart (it's illegal) (illegal)

I've got laundry to do on a cloudy day
And it's cold inside
Heating's too much to pay (for)
I guess you say
What will make me feel this way?
My mum, talking bout my mum.


shrinkykitten said...

Aww....Styley - I'm sorry. Might I recommend slipping some pot in her brownies? Or perhaps yours?

RageyOne said...

At least you can try and be humorous. I hope things get better for you soon. And I'm guessing that won't take place until you leave there. :(

Bardiac said...

AHA, this is brilliant!

All those trite things people say about adversity bringing out the best? They've brought out your inner parodist.

/comfort Shall we send virtual chocolate

Badaunt said...

Argh! You've given me an earworm! (But at least it's an entertaining earworm. Your version is sadder, funnier, and more touching.)

clkl said...

Hang in there Styley...

You're getting great daughter-karma for all your frustrations...