Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The nice thing about having lots of friends

These are just today's additions to the great flower and teddy bear forest that my mother's flat is fast becoming.

I have totally run out of surfaces to put things on.


Propter Doc said...

Flowers I understand. Convenient food to reheat is great as well, or nice little snacks or reading material. Teddy Bears I don't get. Is it a cultural thing?

The flowers look beautiful and cheering though. I bet they smell wonderful.

StyleyGeek said...

I think it's about having something cuddly to keep you company when you are stuck in bed, and to hug when you are feeling sad. I think teddy bears are a fairly common get-well-soon present here.

Priyanka said...

Hey StyleyGeek, that's lovely!That's the best part of having friends and contacts. They care so much about you.The flowers look great!Have fun!