Tuesday, May 08, 2007

That's right, worship me!

Dear StyleyGeek,

Re: your email of 8 May 2007, I am revering your request and our IT manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

[Online shop that I asked a question of]

Do you think maybe he meant "referring"?


Mosilager said...

i had to get dogs so that i could be revered. next time i feel like i need some perking up i'll email your online store. sounds like a good business, actually.

clkl said...

Actually, I think there's a business model in this...

I just checked:


is available.

Vinny said...

I don't think he meant "referring". Obviously they've heard of you, and are simply showing you the respect you richly deserve.

Horace said...

I'm guessing "reviewing." But anytime tech people revere you, don't ask too many questions.

clkl said...

Never mind questions; it's time to draft some *commands*!