Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire*

In the comments to my post about bushfires a few days ago, Stellar_Muddle left a link to this site that shows you what parts of Australia are on fire at any given time. This is a screenshot of the map showing bushfires in the last 24 hours (red = last 12 hours).

Scary, huh? The scarier thing is the picture you get when you compare it to rainfall maps, such as this one from weatherzone. (also covering the last 24 hours, but believe me, their maps showing rainfall from any given week or month don't have much more on them).

More fire than rain.

This continent is another planet.


* Maybe this title is a little insensitive. But I can't help myself. I'll feel guilty for a little while, though, if that helps.

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Anonymous said...

wow, scary.