Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas 2003

In my little sneak-preview post a few days ago, I said I was going to write about Christmas 2004. Well, I was confused. The Christmas I had in mind was actually Christmas 2003: the one we spent at home in Denmark.

I think it was the first Christmas Geekman and I had spent at home since we had been together. It was a bit of a stressful time, since Geekman's contract had just been renewed for another four months, and our rental contract had not. A week before Christmas our landlady gave us notice that she needed us out by the beginning of January. So we spent most of the build-up to Christmas frantically trying to find another apartment that was even vaguely within our budget and that didn't mind tenants that were going to be moving on again real soon.

We still wanted to make it a proper Christmas, though. And we all know that for a proper Christmas, you need a proper tree. (Or a music stand draped in a green towel.) Unfortunately, the closest place selling trees was still a good 45 minute walk, or 10 minute walk plus 10 minute bus-ride from our apartment. So we had to get a tree we could carry for 45 minutes or take onto a bus.

Isn't it cute? And kind of sad?

Fortunately, the whole white Christmas thing more than made up for the half-arsed tree.

And the view from the new apartment that we found and moved into a few days later was just as spectacular.

(When the snow STILL wasn't gone at the beginning of April, though, it started to grow a little tiresome.)

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