Thursday, December 07, 2006

The wages of procrastination

Some are kahlua-flavoured, some are with whisky, some are peppermint and the best ones of all are peanut-butter. I can't post the recipe, because I kind of made it up. But I guess I can post my making-it-up method:

You will need:
A nearby shop
A bad memory
Some money

(1) Google truffle recipes and browse through them all for hours until your keyboard starts to complain about the dribble.
(2) Take money and bad memory. Visit nearby shop.
(3) Buy everything you vaguely remember having featured in the recipes you read (cream, butter, chocolate, eggs, icing sugar, condensed milk and random flavourings.)
(4) Return home. Melt chocolate. Add stuff. Forget the condensed milk. You will find it in your bag six hours later and wonder why you bought it.
(5) Break into the alcohol cabinet and taste-test bottles in search of good truffle flavours. Sit on the floor for a while until your head stops spinning.
(6) Add some stuff, dip some stuff, roll some stuff and refrigerate anything you haven't already eaten.


post-doc said...

You made truffles?! That's so very cool! Given that I'm preparing to bake simple cookies this weekend and am afraid of any foray into candymaking, I'm very impressed.

Anonymous said...

i love the recipe directions! and the pic makes them look sooo good.

Horace said...

Well, my keyboard is already complaining of drool...

I tried to make truffles a couple of times, and found that while they were fairly work intensive and messy, they were so much fun to make (especially when making them with someone you want to get messy with, child or grown-up).

Seeking Solace said...

MMM...whiskey truffles!!!! Maybe I should have those while I grade research projects!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Wow. I bow down to your superior procrastination abilities. I only made cookies. And will probably make banana muffins, in honour of Styley, today. And a birthday cake tomorrow.

Those look spectacular.

StyleyGeek said...

I think cookies :) are easier to screw up than truffles. I always end up with at least one tray that's burned or underdone.

I'm currently in the process of screwing up wolfangel's no-knead bread.

And Horace, you're right, they are LOTS of fun. Especially the bit where you get covered in melted chocolate and have to lick it all off.

kermitthefrog said...

All the best recipes look something like yours! (But the truffles look especially delicious.)

Twirly said...

you can make fudge with the condensed milk!

Breena Ronan said...

Wow! Your are giving me flashbacks. One Christmas I spent several days making truffles to give to my family as Christmas presents. The only part that is tricky is avoiding getting the chocolate damp. If it gets damp then it will turn that funny, greyish color, but even then it's perfectly fine and tasty to eat. Sounds like fun!

StyleyGeek said...

Maybe I'm a naive amateur, but I don't understand about getting the chocolate damp. You mean the chocolate you dip them in? Why would that get damp? You don't add anything else to it (or I don't).

Or do you mean the chocolate that goes into them? Because that kind of has to get damp, what with the cream and all...

I'm confused. But I don't think any of my truffles went grey.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

What fun -- good thing you aren't in my neighborhood -- or your last step woud be to answer the door while I came to eat your truffles!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

ps -- happy birthday!!

StyleyGeek said...

Um. It's not. My birthday. My birthday is in April. Do I have some date thing on this blog set wrong?

StyleyGeek said...

Ah! It's YOUR birthday. Happy birthday! (Just saw your blog).

For a minute there I was having flashbacks to high school. My classmates came up with a cruel and unusual bullying strategy for me. Every time we had a relief teacher or a new teacher (and even with ordinary teachers if they could get away with it), they would convince them it was my birthday and beg to sing happy birthday to me and make me make a speech. When I'd blush and stammer that it wasn't my birthday, the teacher would (of course) exhort me not to be shy and that birthdays were nothing to be embarrassed about.

And everywhere I went at school people would have graffitied "Happy Birthday, Styleygeek" on the walls, the pavement (in chalk) and on the blackboards before we came into a class.

This lasted about two years before they stopped finding it funny.

And now I have a birthday phobia.