Monday, December 04, 2006

A special case of Murphy's law

Spiders will always come out of hiding as soon as the only person brave enough to touch them is out of town.


Lucy said...

Can you trap them under glasses and things for Geekman to deal with when he gets back? (I'm picturing him coming home to a house covered with upturned glasses and boxes taped to the walls :) )

StyleyGeek said...

I've been vacuuming them. But now I'm too chicken to open the vacuum cleaner up and empty the bag. He'll be doing that for me.

If he ever forgives me for vacuuming them in the first place. He is firmly of the belief that spiders should be lovingly carried outside and set free.

Jana said...

But, Styleygeek, they're just protein on legs! Six legs, okay, but protein all the same. In some parts of the world, they're a delicacy. Can't you lay your ethnocentrism aside and just dine out?