Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I want my exotic cakes

I have to try this out on you and see if you would all make the same "mistake" that I made when interpreting the following email, sent around last week by our department's admin staff:

Dear Everyone

The School is having a final end-of-year celebration next Thursday 21 December at 3.30pm in Seminar Room. Come and join us for local and exotic cakes and drinks and be entertained by a slide show of the Melbourne Cup lunch.

Hope you can join us!

Admin Team

Today we get this follow-up:
Just a reminder about tomorrow. Much appreciated your contribution of local/exotic cakes and beverages....

See you tomorrow!

Would the rest of you have felt as short-changed and led on under false pretences as I did? (And I'm not referring to the Melbourne Cup slide-show. God knows what that's about!)

I suspect that whoever was charged with the job of going out to purchase the drinks and exotic-and-local cakes took one look at the remaining departmental funds for the year and hurriedly came up with a 'solution'.

(Please excuse the funky fonts, by the way. The emails were copied and pasted direct from my inbox. Be glad I spared you the exciting Christmas-inspired text colours.)


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

What! That is insane. I would be very pissed off.

StyleyGeek said...


I'm not upset that we are expected to bring something. I'd rather have a party like that than none at all (or one in a fancy restaurant that I can't afford to go to, which is what they organised last week but no one turned up).

But I feel cheated that they billed it as free food and THEN told us it was BYO.