Monday, December 04, 2006

More things that aren't parrots

The warm weather we've been having lately seems to have brought out the lizards.

I took all the photos below in one day (on Saturday) and in one small area of an urban park. I suspect we are walking past lizards all the time, but they are so well camoflaged that we hardly ever notice them.

I spotted this little guy first, because he ran out in front of me.

And once I knew what I was looking for, they turned out to be everywhere.

If only I'd realised at the time what a great juxtaposition the signpost next to this one made, I would have got the whole thing in the picture ("Please keep off the rocks").

Of course, like all wildlife in this city, the lizards are generously participating in some grad student's study. So a lot of them have cute little collars on.

This last one was my favourite, and I nearly didn't notice him at all.


ZaPaper said...

OMG I LOVE these pictures! Can I make a set at full resolution and hang them about my room?!? I feel about lizards the way you feel about parrots. But since it' about -2 C right now, there aren't many photo-ops! Wah...I'm in love.

turtlebella said...

Man, those are some big lizards. We only have little bitty ones here (well not any right now as it's like zapaper said). And I like the collars!

StyleyGeek said...

Yeah some of them were pretty big!

If you really do want larger resolution photos, zapaper, I can email you them. Just let me know which ones you want.

Psycgirl said...

I like the birds more. Not a lizard person :(
But nice photos!

grace said...

Great lizards! They are look very tuatara-like -- any idea what they are?

StyleyGeek said...

I have to admit I'm not really sure. Seeing these made me realise I know nothing about lizards. I think some of them are water dragons (because that's what some random passerby in the park told me), but I'm not sure which and I'm not sure if all of them are.