Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bitter and disgruntled, all in one post, oh my!

A student complained about my teaching.

Apparently I am intolerant of disagreement (I marked his solution to the homework problem set as wrong), and I dumb the material down too much. This is not what he would expect from this level of "education". (Yes, he quotation marked me!) The dumbing material down bit is particularly funny, since almost everyone (including him) seems to be struggling with the concepts being taught right now, and many have specifically requested easier readings and less theory. But you know, that's what you get when you try to cross-code courses at three different levels and make them all share the same lectures because you are too cheap to run different classes.

He also complained that I need to buy a thicker whiteboard marker. I requested one from admin, but they explained they are too expensive. So I should buy my own, apparently. With all that money that I'm not getting paid because I still don't freaking have a contract.

This post was brought to you by I just found out what I'm going to be paid and it's not enough.


Anonymous said...

booo! but you already know what I think about that kid.

I thought of you today and the whole Lent: you're doing it wrong thing you posted about with shrove tuesday/ash wednesday. I drove by a church and the sign out front proudly proclaimed "It is finished."

Um...I'm sorry, no. It isn't. Get back to me on Friday...

Breena Ronan said...

That sucks. The department should at least buy you decent pens.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Find the book "Generation ME" -- really, it explains a lot about that kid... the self-esteem/"you are special" movement hasn't done them any favors -- and you are taking the hit when they figure out that they can make mistakes.

James and Rachael said...


Not so great, actually. Why does employment have to blow so hard? The system fails, the clients (or students) suffer and it's the worker in the middle who cops the lot.

I also am disgruntled.

But picnicness will make us gruntled again! Never fear!