Saturday, March 01, 2008


I've been working hard lately on a new website the department is employing me to create. It uses a fair amount of javascript and visual basic. I had this on my mind on the way to a seminar yesterday, when I ran into the prof who was overseeing the website project.

"Hi Styley!" He said, "Is it in C?"
"No," I said, surprised at this random question. "It's in javascript, mostly. Some VB."
"The SEMINAR." He replied. "Is it in Room C or B?"


Geekman went to a physics party recently. (I know, we're real hard-core, us.) One of his colleagues, a French guy, arrived and put some sort of quiche on the table.
"I zink you 'ave to eat it," he said.
"Well, yeah," Geekman replied. "That's what it's FOR."
"No no," French dude said. "EAT it. You 'ave to 'eat it. In an 'ot oven."


And on a similar note, it's only recently that I just realised the Stevie Wonder song we used to sing in music lessons at primary school—I just called to say tena koe—was probably not the original version.

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ScienceGirl said...

Lol - love the C question and the French accent :)