Monday, March 24, 2008

Karma: coming to an Easter near you

Geekman: "Cute voodoo doll [pincushion]. Let me stick a pin in it. Maybe I can voodoo someone."
He stabs the doll in the heart, the pin goes right through the doll and into his finger. "ARGH!"

Two hours later, Geekman is parking the car.

Me: "I think you're going to hit that pillar on the right. You haven't turned tightly enough."
Geekman barely scrapes past the pillar, turns to smirk at me while still pulling into the park. "How does it feel to be WRONG?"

And... crunch! as the car hits the wall in front of us.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

oh, ouch!!! Is the car really crunched up?

JustMe said...

sorry for geekman, but man, was i laughing when i read this!

StyleyGeek said...

No, it's not damaged. He asked me to note that actually he DIDN'T hit the WALL; he hit the barrier just before the wall that stops you from hitting the wall. And he knew it was there. Really. He just nudged it with his bumper a bit. So there.

Bardiac said...

So, he did it on purpose, to make a point? /grin

Dorie said...

Is Mr. Geekman up to date with his tetanus shots? I'd like to point out he just punctured himself with a voodoo pin!

peter said...

ob Easter Karma - cycled past a christian parade on Saturday haded by a banner proclaiming "Jesus is not dead!"