Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What did I do to deserve this?

Cycling home in the rain tonight, first my bicycle chain came off, then I got a flat tyre.

That's the second flat this month. Approximately the nine millionth this year. And Geekman still holds his record of not having ever had a flat tyre since I've known him.



CAE said...

I hadn't had a flat in 3 years, then got one on the second day I rode my new bike. I didn't have a spare inner or the right pump adapter for a quick roadside fix. And it was raining. Not good!

Anonymous said...

if i may refer to this:

keep your tyres inflated!! then you don't get punctures. check the side of your tyre, if it says max 65psi, then run at least 45psi

as for chain derailing, if it's at the front derailleur then as long as you keep the bike moving, change the gear up (if it came off on the bike side of the cog) or down (on the pedal side of the cog) and keep pedalling frantically, most of the time it will re-seat itself.

sometimes the same principle works on the back one too.


/nerd off

StyleyGeek said...

Anonymous - I know about keeping my tyres inflated in theory. In practice they probably get too low sometimes.

Thanks for the tip about the chain. I never knew that! It wouldn't have helped yesterday as it came off as I stopped at lights. Pedalling frantically through a red light might have drawn unfriendly attention :)

ScienceGirl said...

I too was going to pitch in about the tire pressure - it seems to make all the difference.