Sunday, March 16, 2008

I guess you can tell it's been hot here lately

"Geekman, why is the ice cream sitting open in the freezer?"

"For ease of access."

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Badaunt said...

Another way to deal with heat is to hang out in the freezer section of the supermarket. You don't have to actually buy anything, just spend a little time with the frozen peas. It's quite effective, at least for a while.

Besides, I read somewhere once that ice cream actually makes you hotter in the long run, because of the calories it contains. Personally, I've found that watermelon juice is the best drink in heat. (Juice AND strain the watermelon.) I think it's diuretic - at least it always makes me pee. Logical, eh? Cold liquid in, warm liquid out... Whatever, it's totally the most cooling drink EVER.

(When it's really hot here I sweat so much I stop peeing, a worrying phenomenon which has turned me into an expert on how to get things going again.)