Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today was the first day of:

  • frost in the morning.
  • hot porridge for breakfast.
  • snuggly winter pajamas.
  • mittens for cycling.
  • tearing the house apart to find where I'd stashed all my winter clothes.
  • wanting to permanently move into the shower where it's all warm and steamy.
Goodbye summer. Nice of you to hang around so long.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

.... and around here winter won't go away... a forecast of snow for late March is kind of like kicking us when we're down....

CAE said...

Today is hopefully our last frost. We're several degrees below the seasonal average (hail, snow and thunder yesterday) and it's that nasty damp cold that chills you more than a colder dry day. I too had a hard time getting out of the hot steamy shower last night!

What Now? said...

And here in the U.S. Northeast, today was the first day that I recognized that it is now early spring. Still a little cool, but with warmer weather clearly on the horizon.

Have a good winter!

Miss M. said...

And condensation on the windows. I hate that part. Everything else about winter is nice, but condensation on the windows annoys me. Yay for no more summer!