Tuesday, March 25, 2008


1. Since when was it acceptable etiquette to come up to your lecturer in the gym while she is working out, and ask questions about what will be on the exam?

2. How would you respond to this email? (In the fifth week of classes):

Have been a little behind the times lately, so haven't made it to any lectures yet. Can you tell me what I've missed? I'm going to try to come to class on Thursday. Where are the lectures? I saw the room number on the website, but haven't been there before. Can you give me directions?
Slacker McSlackerton.


hypoglycemiagirl said...

1. It was never acceptable. I'm curious what you responded?

2. Check the blog "rate your students" for good replies to such emails :-)

StyleyGeek said...

I replied something like, "Grunt. Uh. Yeah, exam. Grunt. Puff puff. It's later. Grunt. Grunt. Uh. Can you send me an email, please?"

Seeking Solace said...

1. I would drip some sweat on the student!

2. Do you have your syllabus on line? I would just refer the student there.

Bardiac said...

I love the email, though! What nerve! What privilege! HAH!

The gym? Just a shrug and say it wouldn't be fair to discuss the exam outside of class or office hours. Sorry.

Jana said...

Dear Slacker,

The lectures are in room x in building y. Since it's the fifth week of the term, you've probably missed too much of the material to catch up. I advise you to withdraw from the course and enrol next semester.

Dr Styleygeek

Bella Sultane said...

1. *Never!!*

2. Something like "Dear Slacker, Please withdraw immediately."

USJogger said...

I don't know. The first doesn't bother me that much. I think a polite "Send me e-mail" is fine.

The second amuses me, but only because it's your student. If it were my student, I'd be mad as hell.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

1. This is why one of my friends moved far away from campus and neither of us works out there. Under 30, it's maybe not so bad. Later, you'd really rather not see your students in the locker room. She still complains about the time this happened to her.

2. "You might want to withdraw."

Badaunt said...

Dear Slacker,

I'll be in touch. I need a little while to figure out how to answer your questions. I'm new, too, and nobody told me about students like you. However, I'm sure you'll catch up eventually, as will I. Maybe next year.

Thank you,
Professor Styleygeek

Jgregg said...

Okay - I am a decade short of retirement as a physician, did the MBA....
Why do I still have dreams about "missing an exam on a course I forgot I was taking" as an undergraduate?