Friday, August 10, 2007

A bedtime story

I was feeling good about my teaching.

And then I had a craptacular day.

So I was feeling bad about my teaching.

And then I had some beer.

And I was feeling good about my teaching everything.

And then an acquaintance complained to me about how his wife has to put up with being taught by a tutor turned last-minute lecturer who doesn't know what he is doing. And all the problems he describes are exactly the ones that I had on my craptacular day. And even when I tried to explain how these things come about, he said they are unforgivable, considering how much students pay for their classes.

And I felt bad about my teaching again.

The end.


Bardiac said...

We all have craptacular days. The best teachers I ever studied with had off days, though there off days were usually better than my off days. /sigh

You figure out what went wrong and try to make it go better another time. And you get up in the morning and try again. /comfort

The History Enthusiast said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Don't take it to heart. Everyone has off days.

wwwmama said...

That sucks. But it happens. To all of us.