Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bliss is a super-cheap ski trip. Also:

Perfect weather, powdery snow, 11°C (52 F) temperatures

Empty slopes

And more trails than I can ski in a day (purple are the runs I got through).

(Images stolen from other people's shots and the ski-field's own website, but perfectly representative of the conditions yesterday.)


Crawlspace said...

Since I can't tell what or where that ski place is, I can't check their website, so I will ask you, do you happen to know the vertical drop there and/or total acreage?

Wait do you use acres in Australia?

StyleyGeek said...

According to their website (which is here), the total acreage is 3078 acres. We tend to use hectares in Australia, but they have both in their stats.

The vertical drop is (if I'm interpreting that right---I don't even know what it means!) 1165 ft/355 metres.

I don't have any idea how these stats compare to other places, but I suspect not very well. Australian "mountains" are very small. And skiing isn't exactly something Australia is renowned for. But for a beginner like me, these places are all I need.