Friday, August 24, 2007

Representative student/lecturer email exchange


I'm really confused about the assignment. Can I come by your office tomorrow to talk about it?

Stud. Ent.

Hi Stud Ent,

That's fine. I can be in my office at a time between 10--12 and probably from 2--4 as well. Let me know when you want to meet.

Teach. Er.


Thanks so much. That will be really helpful. I think I've worked some stuff out, but I'd still like to talk to you. See you tomorrow.

Stud Ent.

Why don't they ever READ the bit where I ask them to specify a time? And then if I'm not in my office when they do drop by, they interpret that as, "I made an appointment and she wasn't even there!" and I get skewered on the evaluation forms where it asks, "Was the lecturer available for questions and discussion outside class hours?"


(And today's one didn't show at all, even though I was in my office for the whole of the suggested time windows.)

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Bardiac said...

Heaven forfend we go get ourselves a cup of coffee or use the restroom!

I swear that students think we live in our offices; at night, the maintenance guys just come around and hang us by the scruff of the neck on the back of our door with the robes.