Monday, August 20, 2007

How can you expect me to work, with a view like this?

The crimson rosellas that visited my office window sill at university have come back every day since, and today I had this lovely little visitor (an eastern rosella) as well.

I just wish the university cleaned its windows more frequently than, well, never. How am I meant to take bird photos through dirty glass? Don't they understand the needs of their employees?

Anyway, now that I am putting out birdseed at home and at work, I am going through around 3kg of the stuff every week. My zombie* parrot army now consists of at least two pairs of cockatoos (Flappy and Flappy, and the other Flappys), plus one loner (Mr Psycho McFlappy), one galah, one king parrot, eight crimson rosellas, one eastern rosella, and some civilians non-parrots (currawongs, magpie-larks, wood pigeons).

Soon, soon, my pretties, we will take over the world...


* I blame too much Facebook. (For everything).


Carine said...

What on earth does a currawong look like?? It sounds like a historic farming implement {'Father was wielding the currawong while mother churned the goat's milk') - any chance of a pic?

StyleyGeek said...

They look a lot like magpies. There's a photo on the Wikipedia page. They aren't aggressive like magpies, though, and they make very spooky whistling and sighing noises.

phishez_rule said...

You've gotta watch those wood pigeons. They'll corrupt your parrot army and turn the Flappy's against you.

Don't worry. Psycho McFlappy will stay with you.

P.S I love currawong calls.

Geeka said...

I bought my hubby a birdfeeder for his birthday (mid July) and realized that this was the gift that will keep on costing us. The birds (we have boring ones, except one really pretty yellow and black one) are ridiculous eaters. They finish the feed in the feeder every day.

My favorite animal at the feeder is a chipmunk. He just looks so healthy.

Ianqui said...

Flappy is an excellent name, and you should continue to use it, but I just wanted to let you know that if you need some distinguishing names, I personally approve of "Birdy", "Tweety", and "Tweet Tweet". Of course, I guess parrots don't really tweet, but I still think they're good names.

StyleyGeek said...

Thank you, Ianqui. I'd hate to use a name you hadn't pre-approved :)

Phishez-rule, I wouldn't trust Psycho McFlappy as far as I could throw him. Which wouldn't be very far, as I expect he would disembowel me the moment I laid a finger on him. Even if he did stay with me, I wouldn't want him watching my back. He has a disturbing nervous twitch and an evil gleam in his eye.

StyleyGeek said...

Oh, and Geeka, now I'M jealous. I've only seen cartoon chipmunks, but I'd love one at my bird feeder.