Monday, August 20, 2007

Under stone, over my dead body

Since I've always wished I'd owned this set of books, I guess I need to get them soon, otherwise I'll be left with no choice but to pay double the price for a set whose jackets feature irritating American children and Lovejoy impersonating Merriman Lyon.



WhatLadder said...

Oh, man. You should hear the ranting, raving and foaming at the mouth this movie is causing amongst even moderate fans of Cooper.

However, I just bought a really nice new set of the books in paperback - they are slightly larger, but not quite trade paperback size, and they have jewel-coloured covers with appropriate, unfussy designs on the front.

The imprint is Simon Pulse, which is Simon and Schuster Children's Books, 2007. Amazon has them.

Anonymous said...

That's so awful! I loved those books... in fact I may now HAVE to get them out (I still have a 1970s boxed set that I bought with my pocket money...) and read them again even though it isn't winter. So it'll be the internets fault that I don't get this wretched paper finished before I go on fieldwork next week, right??

Laurie said...

So so sad about this! I think I will need to re-read them as well. It is especially sad as I think a really good movie could be made from the book, by someone who got it more.