Saturday, April 21, 2007


Geekman and I went to the local bi-annual second-hand book fair today and were both overcome by an attack of frenzied book-buying. Afterwards we compared finds and were each confirmed in our belief that the other has no taste whatsoever. See if you work out our favourite genres. Bonus points if you spot the one (or maybe two) books in which our separate spheres of interest overlap.

My finds:

Albert C. Baugh. A history of the English language.
Donald J. Koosis. Java programming for dummies.
Patricia Cornwell. Cruel and unusual.
Laurie R. King. The birth of a new moon.
Barbara Vine. A dark-adapted eye.
Barbara Vine. Asta's book.
Ngaio Marsh. Swing, brother, swing.
Ngaio Marsh. Kriminal-kommissæren får bid. (Because there are few things more amusing than reading books you already know in foreign languages.)
Olof Möller. Mikro-universums gåta.
Colin Dexter. The wench is dead.
and three Swedish Reader's Digests from 1980.

Total cost: $35

Geekman's finds:

Gregory Benford. In alien flesh.
Julian May. Saga of the exiles 1: The many-coloured land. (Note: these books promise on the front cover that they "will eventually rival The Lord of the Rings". Still waiting.)
Julian May. Saga of the exiles 2: The golden torc.
Julian May. Saga of the exiles 3: The nonborn king.
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. The mote in God's eye.
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. The moat around Murcheson's eye.
James P. Blaylock. Lord Kelvin's machine.
Silas Water. The man with absolute motion.
John Horgan. The end of science.

Total cost: $24

The fair is on all weekend and they put out new books each day, so we might have to go back tomorrow. It's all half-price tomorrow, too...

Now we just need more bookshelves.


susan said...

Delurking to say I love, love, love that Baugh counts as a find for you and that Geekman is reading Julian May (I liked the later part of that series better than the early part, but it's a good read).

Weekend_Viking said...

I do quite miss those booksales. Haven't found an equivalent over here yet.

Julian May held out great promise, but I lost interest fairly quickly. Adding a cover blurb that says 'best .... since Tolkien' or 'the new Tolkien' is a good way to death sentence a book, anyway, good or not.

StyleyGeek said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for delurking!

WV, I agree about the cover blurb.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Saga of the Exiles series.

Matt Stone

Jana said...

Julian May's Pleistocene series bored me stiff, but i loved her Intervention series - Intervention, Jack the Bodiless, Diamond Mask and Magnificat.

Dear Geekman, please try one of the later ones!

Badaunt said...

There's a new Laurie King out? Yay!

I haven't been to a bookstore for a while. Must make an effort to go soon...

Kisha said...

I love that Geekman got too books with the word(s) [moht].

StyleyGeek said...

There is actually a new Laurie King out, but this isn't it. This is a relatively old one. I just hadn't finished reading it (I think I read the first few chapters at a friend's house once). The new new one is apparently a hybrid of her Holmes series and her modern series.

Bardiac said...

Books rock! The Baugh does sound interesting.

(Did you see that I got your card? Thanks! It made my day!)

(ps. I tagged you for the five reasons why you blog meme. I hope you don't mind. I'm interested!)

StyleyGeek said...

Thanks Bardiac! I did see that you got the card, and I was glad to see it didn't get eaten by the international post system.

I'll do the meme as soon as I can come up with five. I have two or three, but five is tricky...

Anonymous said...

a used book sale, bi-annually!? i want to live near one...