Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I LOVE that this search lands you here

Okay, come clean: who's been searching for "hot syntacticians"?

(And did you find any?)


a Shi said...


StyleyGeek said...

Me what?

Oh, I'm a hot syntactician. Well yes, obviously :) I meant, did you find any BESIDES me?

Geeka said...

hey, how do you find what searches land you at your blog?

shrinkykitten said...

Okay, i had to try it. With quote, no results. Without, I got:
--"linguists gone wild"
--"polyglot controversy" (what's the controversy? hey, did you ever finish that linguistic on-line puzzle thing we were obsessed with for a while?)
--Sandy Chung a linguist at UC Santa Cruz
-- wolfangel again
-- a porn site
-- the blog of a "linguist in waiting"
-- a linguist joke, "Q: Why do you think the syntactician crossed the road?
A: That's one of those adjunct extraction cases where you clearly get the reading with the extraction site in the complement clause just as easily as with the one where it's in the matrix."
at this blog
-- derek bickerton's blog (is he hot?)
-- a blog by or about Sapir in which porn-esque words are discussed
-- cheap phen-fen
-- hot lesbian syntactician porn

StyleyGeek said...

Geeka: you can't find out a list of them or anything, as far as I know. I was just looking at my site stats (I used Extreme Tracking and Sitemeter), and they break down for you the last 20 or so searches that have landed people at your blog.

Shrinkykitten: either you are having me on, or you use a much cooler search engine than I do. Although I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have made that joke up... But since Sapir's been dead since 1939, I think it's unlikely he would have a blog.

I hope you realise that your comment will now make me the premiere landing point for searches for "hot lesbian syntactician porn". I expect to be totally inundated to the point where I will have to sell out and put up ads to make the most of my huge traffic spike.

I hope you also realise that you are the reason I just searched for "hot lesbian syntactician porn" myself, just to check. Any university IT people logging my searches are going to be very disturbed.

StyleyGeek said...

PS: no, I never got past level 14 or so. It frustrated me greatly.

shrinkykitten said...

Are you saying a shrink couldn't make up a linguistics joke? Harumpf.

I found these all via google. Do you have google there in your country? or is it elgoog, since y'all are upside down?

StyleyGeek said...

I didn't say "couldn't"; I said "wouldn't". Because that joke is not only a linguistics joke; it is a LAME linguistics joke. And if you were going to make up a linguistics joke, you'd make it funnier.

And I googled it too! And I didn't get half such good results as you did. I think the Howard government is censoring my internet.

Robin said...

uh, i thought it might be me...

StyleyGeek said...

You think you're the hot syntactician? Or you were the one doing the searching?

If you're a hot syntactician, I wanna read your blog, but the link from your username here goes to a 404 not found page...