Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reasons I can't possibly work on my thesis

Surely no one can expect me to get any work done if...

  1. It's so hot, my fingers get sweaty typing
  2. It's so cold, my fingers get numb when I type
  3. I'm too grumpy to concentrate
  4. I'm too happy to settle to work
  5. I have a meeting coming up in an hour or so (I'm too busy preparing)
  6. I just came from a meeting (I'm too busy thinking about what was said)
  7. It's nearly lunch-time (I can't work on an empty stomach)
  8. I just had lunch (I can't work on a full stomach)
  9. I've got a huge to do list of non-thesis tasks (I have to get them out of the way first)
  10. I have a totally free day with nothing to do but my thesis (I can't work without structure)
  11. It's morning (I'm not awake yet)
  12. It's afternoon (I'm sleepy)
  13. It's evening (I need time to unwind before bed)
  14. It's night time (I should be asleep)
  15. I've been really productive already this week (Why should I do any more?)
  16. I haven't been productive so far this week (I might as well give up for the week and start next Monday afresh)
  17. I haven't had any exercise for days (Sitting here at my desk is just perpetuating my unhealthiness)
  18. I have just been to the gym (I'm too tired to work).
  19. My supervisor just told me she hates my latest draft (I'll never succeed, so I might as well give up now)
  20. My supervisor just told me she loves my latest draft (I rock! I can afford to take a nice long break)
What are your favourite excuses for procrastination?


BrightStar said...

I love this!

Mosilager said...

been through all of them about twice. then it hits... thesis due in 3 days and nobody's looked at it yet!

Badaunt said...

1. Six whole weeks of vacation! Plenty of time to prepare for next semester.
2. Ooh! My passport is going to expire! Need to get a new one! Will prepare for next semester once I've done all this horrible paperwork.
3. Four whole weeks! I don't need to start yet.
4. OMG there's a lump in my tit! Doctor, doctor!
5. I need to relax a bit, get over the shock of finding the (harmless) lump.
6. Two whole weeks to go! Still lots of time.
7. A week! I have nothing to wear! Must go shopping.
8. Still five days left, and anyway the first day is Friday so I can catch up over the weekend. Anyway, got to update my alien registration with the new passport number.
9. The internet is broken! Gotta fix it. Work starts in three days! Bloody cable company.
10. What do you mean, I have to work the day after tomorrow? I'm not ready! It's not fair. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING A HOLIDAY!

Anonymous said...

I'm too pregnant to type.

pregnancy is making me hot, so I can't type.

i could go into labor at any minute, now that my pregnancy is full term and that prevents me from working.

pregnancy makes me tired, so I can't work.

I'm never going to finish what I planned before I have the baby, so I might as well relax.

just a few now. pregnancy is endlessly useful for this purpose.

StyleyGeek said...

Badaunt, I love yours! (I'm glad the lump was harmless!)

And Anastasia, you are totally absolved from having to work at the moment. Unless, you know, you don't want to be.

Marissa C. Caldwell said...

Great and practical thoughts about procrastination. I'm sure a lot of students can really identify on those 20 list. Well, thesis is definitely a difficult task that's why a lot may just want to give up specially when they can't think of any thesis topic ideas to work on.

Anonymous said...

"My supervisor hates my latest draft" RIGHT NOWWW :( I can't work on my thesis