Sunday, April 01, 2007

What does it mean...

... that I am starting to have nightmares about graduation?*

Is it a sign that I am almost finished? That I secretly don't want to finish? Or just that I am really screwed up?


* In last night's dream I was trying to deal with multiple friends and relations wanting to attend, not having enough tickets to go around, people getting offended that I hadn't invited them, and everyone wanting to stay at our house but refusing to socialize with any of the other visitors.** Oh, and I had forgotten to hire my regalia.

**Which is probably pretty much what I can expect in reality, too. So maybe this was just a warning.

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Miss M. said...

You could invite everyone, and just take Geekman to the actual ceremony, but hold an afterparty with copious amounts of alcohol at which they'll all get drunk enough to forget not to socialise with everyone else.

I have a cousin graduating in Adelaide in a few weeks time and the whole family are coming across from NZ for it (I'm fairly certain that the last time they all got together was just after I was born) so rest assured that others will end up in similar situations and you can share interesting stories about it all over wine and cheese.