Monday, April 30, 2007

Songs I don't need to hear right now

Listening to music to improve your motivation and concentration can sometimes backfire badly.

Three songs in this morning's playlist (Nena) that I probably shouldn't have listened to:

(1) Fragezeichen [Question mark].

Lyrics: Den Kopf voller Dinge die man zu schnell vergißt/Wo fang ich an wenn's so weit ist [...] Ich seh mich um, probiere was /Ich kenn den Weg nicht so genau
[My head full of things that are too quickly forgotten/Where do I start when it's time [...] I look around, try something / I don't really know the way]

(2) Ich häng immer noch an dir [I still have a thing for you].

Chorus: Heut' schaff ich das nicht mehr und lief ich um mein Leben. /Ich warte bis ein Jahr vergeht.
[Today I'm not going to manage it, even if I run for my life. / I'll wait for a year to pass.]

(3) Ich bleib' im Bett [I'm staying in bed]. (The title says it all).

Nena is enabling my procrastination.


Jana said...

If you're in the middle of a Nena fix, try Nur Geträumt It has a very fast beat and will have you skipping around the room.

Black & White Penguin said...

I think if you want motivational you may be looking in the wrong language.

Jana said...

Yes, black & white penguin may have a point. Try this, from Blake:

My fingers emit sparks of fire with the expectation of my future labours.

Now, that's motivating. Except perhaps the part about future labours.

StyleyGeek said...

Ha, good point, b&w penguin. Although Jana is right, some of the Nena ones are upbeat and bouncy. Though skipping round the room isn't quite the effect I am going for.

Geeka said...

Your blog must have been talking to my ipod. The first song I heard this morning was "Lichtarbeiter".

Seeking Solace said...

I didn't know you knew German!

StyleyGeek said...

I lived and studied there for a few years. I know Middle High German, even :)