Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter, everyone!

Have a parrot.

(Excuse shakiness. It was my first experiment with my camera's movie function.)


Bardiac said...

I'm jealous!

Do you put out feed, or do they just eat your plants and such?

StyleyGeek said...

I put out feed, and when I forget they eat my plants.

They also explore my balcony and get extremely curious when something changes. So I change stuff around now and then to mess with their little birdie minds.

I swept the balcony a few days ago (doesn't happen often), and when the rosellas turned up five minutes later, they spent a long time on the floor padding back and forth and looking baffled. So smooth! So few leaves! Where did the ground cover go?

Badaunt said...


i want parrots on my balcony!

(Actually, I WANT A BALCONY!)