Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I know I'm one day out of kilter for the Wednesday Whining/No Whining Thursdays, but here's my antiwhine for yesterday's car complaint:

I am in love with my mechanic.

Not only did he take care of my car so quickly that it was ready on the day I took it in (although I couldn't pick it up until this morning), he charged me only half as much as I had expected and didn't charge at all for a couple of minor things.

Also, when he told me that the driveshaft and the rear shock absorber need replacing, and I asked how urgent it was, he actually gave me an answer, rather than a mini-lecture about how important it is to keep everything in your car in perfect repair and why would you want to drive around in something that could break down at any minute, you freak.* His estimation of the shock absorber problem was, "She'll be right, mate,"** and if the bumpiness of the suspension isn't bothering me I can leave it for another year or so before I need to worry. The driveshaft isn't urgent yet either, apparently, but I should think about having it done within the next year. And he quoted me a totally reasonable price for it.

So unless he is WAY smarter than I give him credit for and playing games with me, I think this guy can be trusted.

A mechanic I can trust. How bizarre and unlikely.


* So maybe that isn't precisely what other mechanics have said. But it's what I've heard.

** He offers not only good deals on mechanical services but an ethnic Australian experience, too.