Sunday, November 26, 2006

More about the RSS feeds

Okay, so I contacted Bloglines and they replied within 8 hours, which is pretty scarily good service.

For those not following along with the story, my RSS feed stopped working, and I found the format of the nice new Blogger Beta feed to replace it with, but I can't "claim my feeds" in Bloglines to redirect one to the other, because it won't accept my Blogger Beta username and password for verification.

So anyway, Bloglines says this is a known issue for Blogger Beta users and they are working to sort it out. But meanwhile, they offered to redirect the feed for me. So hopefully the feed you are all subscribed to will start updating again in Bloglines pretty soon without you doing anything yourself. And if you are having the same problem with your own feeds, I recommend contacting the Bloglines help people, since they seem very efficient and friendly.

Of course this doesn't solve the problem for anyone reading the RSS feed through a service other than Bloglines. Is there anyone out there doing that? Is the feed updating? Do I need to come and use my 1337 5ki11z to sort it out?

The quick fix for anyone with any flavour of feed reader remains, however, to subscribe to me via the new feed instead:


RageyOne said...

I read in NetNewsWire and I was getting the full feed with the other URL. I changed the URL when you posted the new one yesterday (or whenever that was) and I still get the full feed.

Propter Doc said...

I've been trying a program called Snarfer which lets me pop online, check for new posts and I can read offline. There hasn't been a problem with your feed in that, using the atom feed.
I'd noticed the bloglines thing, but needed an offline reader for going home at Christmas.

StyleyGeek said...

Excellent. Thanks, people. I signed up to Google Reader to check the feed in that, and the atom feed seems to be updating fine there.

So it must be a Bloglines-specific issue. No wonder they are being so helpful :)