Monday, November 06, 2006

Trying to instill a healthy sense of competition

I thought maybe it was time to see how our InaDWriMo participants were getting along. So here's a list.

Anastasia said she was going to participate, but either doesn't want to talk about it or has been too busy being unconscious.

Bobita at These Sisters' Journeys is being coy about her current word count.

Dino at The Dinosaur's Toolbox had 17 words at last count. Don't feel superior yet, though: remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. We'll probably be cowering under our desks hiding from our manuscripts in the final week while Dino breezes past us, refreshed from her extra week's break.

Dr Brazen Hussy at What the Hell is Wrong With You? has gone into excessively competitive mode, written 7090 words and finished her research proposal.

Maryanne at Queen of West Procrastination has come up with a book-a-day studying spin-off. She hasn't been updating us as to how many books she's read so far. (Bad, bad Maryanne.)

Then there's me, of course. Can I link to myself? Why, yes. I have written 8531 words, so I win. Hah. (Except that we should probably take into account that I'm a day ahead of you, so have a time-travel advantage.)

I thought that New Kid on the Hallway was being a big slacker, until I realised she is posting about her writing on her research blog Learn by Going. She made me do maths to work out how much she's written since the start of November, but it looks like 6197 words.

Peri signed up to participate but she doesn't seem to have a blog. Come back and tell us how it's going, Peri!

Propter Doc at Post Doc Ergo Propter Doc is up to 5123 words, and is a big overachiever who is simultaneously participating in NaNoWriMo.

Twirly at Twirled likes to be difficult, so is counting pages instead of words. If we assume she has about 300 words per page, though, she's up to around 7860 words by now.

Weezy at Swan Dive appears to have some weird writers' rivalry deal happening with Dr Brazen Hussy. She made me do maths to work out her total too (people, please!), but I think it's at 7586. She admits to having played the copy-and-paste game with an old seminar paper, though.

Keep it up, folks! And don't forget to pace yourselves. It's early days yet...


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

No progress without competition! :) I think you should do weekly updates to keep us all honest.

Weezy said...

LOL about the weirdness. Brazen and I are just keeping each other moving---Though i did try to bribe her cat to keep her distracted. My total is only 3586. (Those 4,000 definitely did not count!)

I promise to be better about the total!

New Kid on the Hallway said...

See, I'm not good at math, so keeping track of how many words per day is hard enough for me!

Twirly said...

Oh yes I heart being are right though about 300 per page...although there is some definite editing to do - I don't think chemists would agree that my sentence use a buffer to buffer the pH is acceptable....

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Blast! I've been caught! Okay, I swear I'll be better this week. (Last week: one book.)

Anastasia said...

i'm unconscious. i really do want to play.

Propter Doc said...

Overachiever? The word counts haven't really shifted since last week...was a bad weekend. But I like this accountability thing...keeps me motivated.