Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Look at what you're missing out on!

In honour of National Blogging about Parrots Month (NaBloPoMo), I decided to pull out a book on local birds that my mother-in-law gave me a couple of months ago. And hey, look at all the pretty parrots that can supposedly be found in my area:

So what I want to know is why I have only ever seen six of these twelve different types. And why you, my beloved readers, only got to see photos of four (or five, depending on whether you count yesterday's link back to old gang-gang pictures) during this NaBloPoMo virtual parrot festival.

Don't you feel like you deserve your money back?

The book claims that four of the six types I haven't yet got photos of can be found in urban gardens around the city, but the black cockatoos and the little lorikeets prefer to hang out in the bush. So that's their excuse.

As for the four missing urban parrots, three are "very rare", so I guess that explains them. But what about the red-rumped parrot? (That's the pair on the bottom right in the picture above). They are supposedly urban, and classed as "common", which the book defines as "expect to see them on two to five visits out of ten." (Visits to what, I don't know: my back garden?)

I feel cheated. Where's my red-rumped parrot?


shrinkykitten said...

Which ones have we seen? I need more specific info before deciding whether or not I need a refund.

StyleyGeek said...

The galahs and cockatoos (pink ones and white ones on the left-hand page), crimson rosellas and eastern rosellas (labeled "3" and "4" on the right-hand page if you can read that small --- the ones with the most red on them, sort of in the middle), and (counting cheating) gang-gangs (the grey ones with red heads on the left-hand page).

Now do you want your money back?

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Quit yer whining. Wanna know how many parrots we can see over here?

shrinkykitten said...

Unless you can get a picture of the black one with the comb and hte one with the blue head, yes I would indeed like a refund. How much is that refund anyway? In american dollars, please.

Anonymous said...

You are possibly not missing much with the black cockatoos - apparently they used to delight in dropping pinecones on jogging astronomers back when the astonomers had a forest to run in.


StyleyGeek said...

The refund will be the same as what you paid for it. Check your receipt :)

There are pics of the one with the blue head elsewhere on the blog---just not in November. Oh! Wait, yes there are. Another old (cheating) picture that I posted one day when I didn't have anything better. See? (They are rainbow lorikeets, by the way).

I'm thinking I might go for a walk in the bush this weekend and see if I can find me a black cockatoo. But by then NaBloPoMo will be over, so maybe I won't post the photos :)