Saturday, November 04, 2006

When cockatoos attack

This guy really didn't like me. This photo was taken about a minute before he divebombed me, screeching his head off, all claws and beak and rushing wings -- something I didn't get on camera because I was too busy running away. I've never seen a cockatoo act like that before. Usually they are super friendly. Maybe 'he' was a she with a nest somewhere nearby.


wolfa said...

Unrelated, but I'll ask here anyhow.

In my first semantics class at grad school, we spent one lecture proving that 'or' had to be inclusive in English, and that when we used it in an exclusive manner, it was because of other pragmatic considerations. I can't remember this proof, and no one believes me. Is it at all familiar to you?

StyleyGeek said...

No, I've never heard of it. Maybe your semantics prof was just testing out a personal theory that s/he was about to write a paper on. And then never got it published...

But I never did much semantics, anyway.