Monday, November 13, 2006

Needs a bigger tree

This parrot was very obliging and I didn't even need to leave my blogging position at the dining room table to take the picture. That is, I didn't need to, but I did end up walking across to the open balcony door to get a better angle. And then Geekman took a few shots, and I think this might be one of his.

But I could have taken it from where I was sitting, and that's what counts. In the great "Can you take pictures of parrots from your chair inside the house? Well I can, so hah!" competition that is Life. Oh yeah.*


* Disclaimer: this was not written while drunk and I have no idea why it reads as though it was.** But it does, doesn't it? Weirdness. Perhaps I was drunk on the great CYTPPCIHWICSH competition that is Life.

** I'm practising for when I have to say that about my dissertation. Do you think the "drunk on the
CYTPPCIHWICSH competition that is Life" excuse will fly? (Fly, hee hee, geddit?)